Letting your home is not something you do every day! Listed below are a few helpful hints that hopefully will make the whole experience a little easier.


Prospective Tenants who visit your home are doing so to see if it suits their needs in terms of location, accommodation, garden, overall presentation and the 'feel' of the property to them, personally. Properties which are cleverly decorated and furnished appear to be easier to rent, so the less there is to 'criticise' in your home, the better.

Lose the Clutter!

Large items or quantities of furniture should be put into storage if possible. Obvious clutter such as toys, clothes, newspapers, etc can be 'hidden away' temporarily. A clean and tidy kitchen is particularly important. Worktops should be clutter-free. Try not to leave washing up on the sink or draining board.

That Light and Airy Feel!

Try and illuminate your rooms as much as possible, particularly if it s a dull day. Turn on table-lamps to help the effect. Give the house a warm feeling (when it's necessary!) by turning on the central heating or lighting a fire in the hearth, if you've got one. Try to create a warm and inviting feeling that the prospective buyer or Tenant will remember!

Those Smells!

Put a fresh uncut loaf in the airing cupboard, brew a pot of fresh coffee, put fabric-conditioned towels on the radiators to dry (remember to put them away before the prospective buyers or Tenants arrive, though!). Ahhh! Remember that tobacco smells to non-smokers and animal smells to non-pet-owners can be offensive. Try one of the spray-on fresheners available from the supermarket or purfumed plug-ins.

Accompanying Potential Tenants

Although we accompany approximately 80% of our proposed tenants to viewings, if we are unable or if you would prefer to show them around yourself, don't overdo the sales pitch. Your prospective tenant will probably be more interested in how sunny the garden is, how economical the central heating system is, how many power points there are, what the pressure of the shower is like, and do you have broadband etc. Emphasise the pleasing features of your house. When they view several properties, more ordinary features tend to 'blur into one'.

Animals and Children

Pets and young children can prove a distraction, and potential tenants may not appreciate them as much as you do. If at all possible, ask a relative or neighbour to look after boisterous pets or children whilst the viewing is in progress.

And Finally ...

It's the first impression that counts! Ensure the front of your property and entrance is clean, tidy and welcoming.