1. Personalised, People-Focused Service

One Point of Contact and Putting People Before Property

Benefit to Sellers: Improved communication, peace of mind, and a more personalised service.

2. High-Quality Marketing

Professional Video Production

Benefit to Sellers: Showcases your property at its best and ensures maximum engagement.

3. Modern Social Media Exposure

Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

Benefit to Sellers: Reaches a broader audience.

4. Comprehensive Online Portals

Listing on Major Portals including Rightmove and Zoopla

Benefit to Sellers: Maximum online exposure combined with modern marketing techniques.

5. Detailed Information

Key Fact Buyers Report for Your Property

Benefit to Sellers: Qualifies and informs potential buyers while providing valuable insights.

6. Convenience and Valuation Flexibility

Block Viewings and Multiple Valuation Options (Desktop, Zoom, In-person)

Benefit to Sellers: Creates a sense of competition and offers valuation flexibility.

7. Honest Valuations to Avoid Reductions

Research-Based, Market-Sensitive Pricing

Benefit to Sellers: Ensures the highest possible selling price in the fastest timescale possible, subject to market conditions.

8. Business Owner Contact

Direct Business Owner Involvement

Benefit to Sellers: Continuity throughout the selling process, ensuring a high standard of service for peace of mind.

9. Short Contract Terms

12-Week Contract Term

Benefit to Sellers: Offers flexibility and confidence.

10. Friendly and Informal Approach

Open for Coffee, Zoom Chats, and General Discussions

Benefit to Sellers: Easy and stress-free communication.

11. Local Expertise

Located On The East Reading/Earley border Since The Year 2000

Benefit to Sellers: In-depth knowledge of the local property market.