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Unlock the Ultimate Blueprint for Selling Your Home: Martyn Russell`s Exclusive How-To Guide 18 October 2023

Mastering the Art of Successful Property Sales with Martyn Russell Property


Selling property is a complex fusion of art and science, especially when it comes to setting the right price. In this definitive guide by Martyn Russell Property, we delve deeply into essential strategies and detailed approaches crucial for successful property sales.... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing: Key points to consider..... 20 September 2023

Downsizing Guide: Earley | Martyn Russell Property

The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing: Making the Right Move with Martyn Russell Property

Are you contemplating a move to a cosier space but unsure of where to start? Downsizing can be a monumental decision, influenced by myriad reasons.... Read More

Master the Move with Kids: The 8 Proven Strategies are...... 21 June 2023

8 Essential Tips for Homeowners Moving with Kids


Moving house can be an exciting yet challenging experience for any homeowner, especially when children are involved. We have decades of experience helping families with their home moves, so we understand the unique concerns they face when trying to sell their homes while ensuring their little ones feel comfortable throughout the process.... Read More

June Mortgage Update - Volatility in the Markets 13 June 2023

Volatility in the UK Mortgage Market: What You Need to Know
By Shane from Youngstone Financial

The past few weeks have been marked by significant turbulence in the residential mortgage market in the UK. Lenders have been swiftly withdrawing rates, catching borrowers off guard with little to no notice.... Read More

April`s House Price Index Report 10 May 2023

🏠 New seller asking prices rise by just 0.2% (+£890) this month to £366,247, which is lower than the average increase of 1.2% for this time of year.

🌬️ This unseasonal pricing restraint is a sign that many new sellers are taking note of the economic headwinds and the transitioning of the housing market to a slower pace and more normal activity levels, last seen in the pre-pandemic market of 2019.... Read More